Let Him Have Justice - Iris Bentley with Penelope Dening

Penelope Dening talked to Iris Bentley over a period of three years to produce Let Him Have Justice. This was published in hardback by Sidgwick and Jackson, 1995, then by Pan in paperback (at £5.99) in 1996, ISBN 0-330-34399-8. It describes the Bentley case from Iris' point of view, and details her struggle to clear her brother's name.

This is Iris' autobiography. It starts as the story of a conventional war-child, but then becomes the story of a woman determined to clear her brother's name. Sure, she has an axe to grind, and she does sometimes come across as paranoid, but she is convinced that there is a general conspiracy against her family. Her view of her life is coloured by that apparent conspiracy. She sometimes seems to miss the relevance of facts - she dwells longer on irrelevant detail than on the more important parts of her life.

It is a compelling read, and adds a very personal tragedy to the debate on capital punishment.

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