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Let Him Have It
US (1991): Drama

Leonard Maltin Review

Absorbing drama based on the true story of Derek Bentley, a slow-witted youth who was pulled into a life of crime in post-war England, and sentenced to death for a murder actually committed by his youthful cohort. Medak's sympathetic point of view is abetted by vivid performances, including young Eccleston in the lead, and a gallery of top British actors in supporting roles.

115 min, Rated R, Color

Reviews © Leonard Maltin, 1996. Published courtesy of Penguin Books USA.
Cast and Credits
Peter Medak

Cast Includes
Chris Eccleston
Paul Reynolds
Tom Courtenay
Tom Bell
Eileen Atkins
Clare Holman
Mark McGann
Michael Gough
Ronald Fraser
James Villiers
Michael Elphick
Murray Melvin
Norman Rossington
Clive Revill

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