statement of: DEREK WILLIAM BENTLEY, aged 19

1 Fairview Road, London Road


who saith:

I have been cautioned that I need not say anything unless I wish to do so, but whatever I do say will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence.

(signed) Derek Bentley

I have known Craig since I went to school. We were stopped by our parents going out together, but we still continued going out with each other - I mean we have not gone out together until tonight. I was watching television tonight (2nd November 1952) and between 8pm and 9pm Craig called for me. My Mother answered the door and I heard her say I was out. I had been out earlier to the pictures and got home just after 7pm. A little later Norman Parsley and Frank Fazey called. I did not answer the door or speak to them.

Signature D. BentleySignature witnessed by J.S.

My Mother told me that they had called and I then ran out after them. I walked up the road with them to the paper shop where I saw Craig standing. We all talked together and then Norman Parsley and Frank Fazey left. Chris Craig and I then caught a bus to Croydon. We got off at West Croydon and then walked down the road where the toilets are - I think it is Tamworth Road. When we came to the place where you found me, Chris looked in the window. There was a little iron gate at the side. Chris then jumped over and I followed. Up to then Chris had not said anything. We both got out on to the flat roof at the top. Then someone in a garden on the opposite side shone a torch up towards us. Chris said: "It's a copper, hide behind here." We hid behind a shelter arrangement on the roof. We were there waiting for about ten minutes. I did not know he was going to use the gun. A plain

Signature D. BentleySignature witnessed by J.S.

clothes man climbed up the drainpipe and on to the roof. The man said: "I am a police officer - the place is surrounded." He caught hold of me as as we walked away Chris fired. There was nobody else there at the time. The policeman and I went round a corner by a door. A little later the door opened and a policeman in uniform came out. Chris fired again then and this policeman fell down. I could see he was hurt as a lot of blood came from his forehead just above his nose. (signed) D. Bentley

The policeman dragged him round the corner behind the brickwork entrance to the door. I remember I shouted something but I forget what it was. I could not see Chris when I shouted to him - he was behind a wall. I heard some more policemen behind the door and the policeman with me said, "I don't think he has many more bullets left." Chris shouted "Oh yes I have" and he fired again. I think I heard him fire three times

Signature D. BentleySignature witnessed by J.S.

altogether. The Policeman then pushed me down the stairsand I did not see any more.I knew we were going to break into the place, I did not know what we were going to get - just anything that was going. I did not have a gun and I did not know Chris had one until he shot. I now know that the policeman in uniform is dead. I should have mentioned that after the plain clothes policeman got up the drainpipe and arrested me, another policeman in uniform followed and I heard someone call him 'Mac'. He was with us when the other policeman was killed.

tis as B

This statement has been read to me and is true. Sgd

Derk [sic] Derek W. Bentley

Statement taken by me, written down by Det Sgt Shepherd, read over and signature witness by J. Smith DI.

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