Archie wrote "Let him Have it" circa 1980 after hearing about the case from the roadie of the Bureau Tony Biffa Robinson who lived near to where the tragedy occurred. At the time he knew little about the case and wrote from the point of view of total disgust at the hanging of a young man for pure revenge as Craig was underage and could not be executed.

Let him have it - Archie Brown

There goes Bentley, legs swinging just above the ground
Hands tied behind his back and nothing to see
This is the 8 O'clock shift, the 8 O'clock hand strikes 9 times
as he fell before his time into the big, blue, black
Here I am standing on the brink
The edge of my madness
Oh this sadness just overcomes me
I will break my own head so that someone's dead just for your sweet revenge
This is a heinous crime someone here is going to pay for this
Too bad that your the only one that's old enough
Everyone here understands you never held the gun
But we're going to prove to everyone that justice has been done

©Archie Brown 1980

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